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Here's a little progressive punk band I did with Max Allyn and Checkers Barker in Missoula, way back when. Those were good times.

Thank you ATK of Seattle's YDT for the video. Not that I asked permission, but thanks nonetheless!

Casual Drama ~ These Dream Feat. Todd of YDT

Here was their second album, which I was involved in.

Casual Drama - These Dreams

1. We're Done

2. On Like This

3. Asking Anything

4. Falling Star

5. That Would Be the Day

6. Driving to Mara

7. Shaking Hope

8. Scar to Scar

9. The Worst Has Yet to Come

10. Take These Broken Wings*

11. But We Had These Dreams

Casual Drama

2004 These Dreams

Max Allyn - lead vocs, guitar, production
Checkers Barker Jr. - drums
Adam Loewen - bass, backups

* all songs by Max Allyn and Casual Drama, except Take These Broken Wings, a Mike and the Mechanics cover.