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Gerg and Adam have pursued seperate paths.
But that's not to say that their reign is at an end...

Subway Band

Cold Cut Trio | MySpace Music Videos

The CCT - Adam Loewen Greg Brimeyer

1. Tolerating You

2. Depressed

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2009 Tolerating You Single

This is our most recent material. It was created during the brief time in 2009 when Gerg had
moved back to Missoula, and I hadn't left yet.

Cold Cut Trio - The Formula For Randomness

1. Jack Johnson

2. 226-27

3. Subway Band

4. CHUDS vs. Splinter

5. Homo Erectus

6. Douchebag Dave

Bonus: Here Comes the Bear!

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2006 The Formula for Randomness

We put together our debut album over a short period of time, having played a number of live
shows. During this period, working at Subway together, getting into trouble with the mops, and eating
all the cookie dough, Gerg, Tommy and I decided it was high time to start "the subway band".
The result - the Cold Cut Trio. Tommy was sacked soon after. The band fell apart after only a few