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Going With the Flow full movie is now RIGHT HERE

It didn't cost anything to make, so it doesn't cost anything to watch.
After you've seen the movie, let us know what you think!

Going With the Flow is a hilarious adventure in Missoula Montana.

Brandt, Jay and Todd must go on a quest to float the river, hook up with some hottie Canadi-WINS, and find some Fun Tubes - but they soon find that taking it easy is ANYTHING BUT easy!

Along the way, they must get high on air and do final battle with emo grommet thieves, granola munching hippies, an evil scientist, angry redneck storekeepers, a mob of eco-friendly natives, beer pong bros, inclement weather, self-doubt, and veloci-rafters.

Original soundtrack by Stein featuring Gavin McCourt, Alex Van Minnen, and Sam Ore.

You don't want to miss this unforgettable near-zero budget cult masterpiece - It's WAY better than Troll 2!

Quiset Productions is Thilo Savage, Dustin Mennie, and Adam Loewen. If you like what we do and want to see more, feel free to make a donation!

Ensemble cast and crew features appearances by nearly half of recognizable Missoula locals.

Adam Loewen
Dustin Mennie
Thilo Savage
Troy Savage
DR Halsell
Amy Thompson Moyle
Elliot Moyle
Vern Salcido
Daniel Mennie
Ashton Wilson
Kate Gurney
Darcy Wells
Jeff Rottschafer
Sambath "Yellowman" Eat
Craig Umhoefer
Kate Baker
Kyle McCann
Cheyne Shoultz
Ellen Savage
David Pratter
Margi Cates
Steve Leto
Eliza Lily Goode
Morgaine Evans-Lomayasvu
Alex Van Minnen
Tyler Migneault
Julian Jamerson
Spencer Buffum
Casey Ranen
Kenny Ranen
Quinley Doomcracker
Walter Max
Logan Head
Tony Szentes
Will Ford
Trevor Lee Pressler
Fumihiko Yamaguchi
Alex Truzzolino
Riley Lidel
Cameron Daly

Original Theatrical Posters

Going with the Flow movie Poster Crystal Theater music by Stein and One and Onlys Poster featuring actors inside inner tube

Please note: is no longer up.