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Your one-stop shopping center for free songs that took
very little time or effort to make.

Splendid - Angsty ass-shaker about sex and the business.

Firing Guns in the Woods - Lovely tune for my cellist about how pointless music is.

Creature Band - Some trash cans should not be disturbed.

Wallet - You shouldn't listen to the old ones. They don't know the sea.

Accustomed - Give em a mile, they will run. The more accustomed we become.

Zombies - Featuring basitar strat. This is not copyrighted. Please put it in your B-horror film. Send more cops.

Majestic - Asleep in the house of the hunter. Come take me higher. Featuring Christine Bucher on cello.

Profits and Losses - I don't know what I was going for here. Funky little pop ditty.

Emerald - Fingerstyle guitar buried under spooky synths. When do we get where we're going?

Wish - This is my lament. Revealing once and for all that I am undead. Undead?! Undead!

Note: the above songs feature drums by Aaron Johnson and Thilo Savage, Cello by Christine Bucher.

B Ma Gurl - I totally realized after making this song that it's a Dick in a Box rip-off. Still kind of funny, though.

Supervolcano - No drummer or vocalist could handle this one, so we gave up.   Here it is anyway.

Hey Girl - East Coast style

Snowflakes - autotune, drum machines, and sound effects

So Lovely - a soothing ballad coming from the storm drain where they lost Georgie

The Relative - a developmentally disabled kid's vision of enlightenment

Letdown - I found this in the "vaults". Cracked my ass up. I think I wrote it for High School Musical or something.

Podcast Land (with Aaron Johnson) - hosting a radio station that doesn't exist

The Fart Machine (with Aaron Johnson) - just like it says

Sputnik Cavalcade (with Aaron Johnson) - bombarding the controls of my multiFX while Aaron tries to play

Warn Yup (with Aaron Johnson) - you see them coming up yonder hill?

As always, more to come in the near future.
Let's hook up and collaborate (or just do it over email!)